Why Now…?

For more than ten years, I’ve been pretty quiet on issues faced by trans people, and transsexual women in particular.  I could keep doing that, but some recent events in my life have lead me back into talking about them once again.  I’ve found myself posting on reddit, both on the lgbt and transgender subreddits, and adding comments on other people’s blogs, and I’ve decided that those disparate venues don’t provide me with a place to cohesively write down what I think.

So, I’ve set up shop here, and we’ll see how it goes.  Some of the content will be stolen from my comments elsewhere, but the version here will hopefully be the most cannonical.  (If you happen to recognize it, please don’t ask “oh, are you XXX on forum YYY” — if I’d wanted you to know, I’d have told you, and I’m not going to tell you.  You can figure a lot out if you try, but really, that’s not cool, and it’ll buy you very little.)

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