Falling into the Internet

When I compiled my list of one hundred trans-related blogs, I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed. There were a log of blogs out there, some of which resonated, and many that didn’t. It was quite a mesmerizing experience, and motivated two of my earliest posts (Whispering into the Wind and Blogging Privilege).

Another blogger (the author of the blog Enough Non-Sense)  found the same thing, but wrote about the experience. The analysis is somewhat harsh, and influenced by that author’s perspective, but it is still probably worth reading.

When I went through the list, I too saw factions that were sometimes warring, and categories I could drop people into. There are people seem to like drawing lines and putting others on the other side of those lines. Some people like saying “I’m not like them!” and others say “Look at me, look at me!”. Some people are angry, others are activist, others are political, and many are all three. Many are self involved. But seen as a whole, the picture I saw was mostly hopeful. I saw people coping with things that aren’t easy to cope with and talking about that; people trying to understand themselves and others.

This weekend, I went through the next hundred on my list, and fell into the Internet all over again. For all the things I could complain about, it was still interesting, even if I do end up feeling that the more I learn, the less sure I am as to whether there is any simple way to express what exactly it is that I have learned.

If there is demand, I’ll post that next hundred list here too. As with the first hundred, for me there are pros and cons to doing so. Some people will visit my blog just because I’ve posted a list. Some people will see it as a popularity contest and complain. But probably some people will find something interesting in there, something that resonates with them. So probably someone will encourage me to post it, and I will…

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  1. dyssonance on

    Then I encourage you to post it.

    The various little factional splits in a grouping of people as extraordinarily diverse as this — with so many people often completely outside the range of experience of other people — is always going to have that kind of peculiar dissension and angsty infighting because, in the end, they are all human beings dealing with complex emotions.

    What we go through is hard. All of us find a way to cope with it, all of find a manner and a thought system and means of justification and explanation and rationale that we can accept, as individuals.

    Although T central collates many of them, a good list is *always* of value. A good list is always worth a damn, because a good list gives people choices.

    Your list was good because you generally avoided personalizing it, criticizing various sites, and instead just posting it.

    One a personal note, I’d like permission to post it as a “page” with attribution on my own site. As a point of reference.

    Although man of these blogs will come and go, as the individuals nvolved go through the phases and paths of their lives, the sites will often still remain, and they will still be read, and still consulted.

    Even long after the writer has long since stopped writing. And its through all of that that even more people find the strength and commonality for them in different voices, in different ways.

    Its a good thing to have choices for them, as each of us will have a different experience.

    I read dozens of sites when I started, and the one that resonated the most was a gal I have little in common with in so many ways, who took the time to describe her life on an almost day by day basis.

    If it hadn’t been for that, I’d have had a much harder time of things.

    So absolutely post it.

    It will help at least one person, and that’s all that’s needed.

    • Nebulous Persona on

      Okay, I’ll post it, hopefully tomorrow if I have time.

      As for reproducing it, it might be better to set up a wiki page somewhere. That way I could post more of the list, and people could share the work of doing the summaries (which takes longer than you might think—have a friggin’ about page people).

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