Another hundred trans-related blogs

So, in response to “popular demand” (such as it is), here is the next hundred or so trans-related blogs from the list I made when I first tried to gauge just what was going on in the blogosphere and beyond. (You can find more about my rationale and the first 100 here.)

As with my first list, the order really doesn’t mean much, and there are still people whose blogs I like who are further down my list so didn’t get shown here. It’s quite possible there are errors and duplication in the list. If you spot something wrong, feel free to let me know in the comments.

  • Trans-Fried Fluff — “A Site Dedicated to Preserving the Integrity of the Sex-Gender Distinction, Exposing International Semantic Terrorism, and Denouncing the Unethical Application of Psycho-sexual Theories.”
  • Crossing the T — “Life at the intersection of Church and Trans with Rev. Allyson Robinson. I see myself as a transgendered woman who’s trying to follow Christ through the world, a pilgrimage that is both easier and harder than I expected it to be.”
  • TransFaith Online — “dedicated to supporting transgender folks in our faith journeys, while providing useful resources to help people of faith become better educated trans-allies.”
  • Jessica Who? The Official Blog of Crossdresser Jessica De Leon — “I’m Jessica De Leon and I am the creator of the blog Jessica Who?, I am a young & married man who sometimes dresses up in women’s clothing and makeup.”
  • The Transgender Law and Policy Institute — “We are a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging in effective advocacy for transgender people in our society. The TLPI brings experts and advocates together to work on law and policy initiatives designed to advance transgender equality.”
  • A random act of weirdness — “This is Drik! A transgendered boi identified Norwegian with a passion for activism, traveling, human rights and linguistics writes about their transition from female to something else entirely, polyamory, BDSM, activism and random acts of weirdness.”
  • GenderVision — “From the producers of GenderTalk radio and, GenderVision continues the ground-breaking work of challenging  and expanding our vision of gender and progressive politics.  Discussions range from sex and gender to masculinity, femininity, transgender, intersex, GLBT, feminist and men’s and women’s issues, as well as stereotypes of women and men.”
  • Cammie’s Song — “Gender variance is a profound trial… as is the responsibility to understand it. I believe in a beautiful tomorrow, full of unconditional love and acceptance for all of God’s children. The eyes are the greatest deceptors of the soul… I pray that we will discover the beauty of diversity as we embrace each opportunity to “see” with our hearts.”
  • Mental Boonies — “Sophie, Hampton Roads, Virginia, United States. A late blooming woman, trying to unzip this shell of a male persona. It no longer fits and it is time to come out of my chrysalis.”
  • Cheerful Megalomaniac — “I was assigned female at birth, but I had my doubts about the validity of this assessment from a fairly early age. In September of 2007 I found out I could transition to male, and after several months contemplation I decided that a lifetime of testosterone shots would totally be worth it if I could have a beard of my very own. Somewhat more recently I discovered postmodernism… I deconstructed my own gender until I landed in such a state of confusion that I am no longer able to tell you what gender I am. I identify as genderqueer, and like to be referred to with male pronouns.”
  • From Mars to Venus — “This is as much for my own benefit as for other people taking the same journey as I am, see title.”, “I went to London on Monday to see Dr. Curtis of TransHealth about what options I have with regard to going full time and transitioning.”
  • Home | Press For Change — “Campaigning for respect and equality for ALL trans people”
  • Malika’s Indian Transgender Blog — “WHO AM I? Queen, Cross-dresser, Female impersonator, Fruitcake, Drag Queen, Transvestite. Yes I am one. I wear sarees, I wear make-up and I sew and I cook and I CRYYYYYYYYYY!!!”
  • Possible Pasts — “I stepped into the online world as my true self on February 10, 2007, a day that seems so very long ago. I had to scatter my writings around on the blogosphere for various reasons. I am reposting my complete blogography here since the beginning, my very first post.”
  • Gardens in Bloom – An untraditional love story — “Annie and James Rushden were man and wife, until James revealed he was transsexual. Annie writes about the experience of falling in love all over again with her partner Claire. Same soul, different gift wrap.”
  • Intersex in Australia — The home of OII Australia — “Our mission: To support intersex individuals by providing information and contact with other intersex people.  Campaign in favour of human rights for the intersected. Encourage an exchange of ideas and different perspectives about intersex from various groups and geographical regions. Provide information concerning actual life experiences of people with intersex variations to medical personnel working with infants with atypical sex anatomy, to psychological experts, sexologists, sociologists and specialists in feminism. To assist families and friends of intersexed individuals to understand intersexuality and to cope with the specific problems related to the role as a support person.”
  • Elaine’s T* Art Blog — “A Gallery for Creative T* Paintings, Photography, Sculpture and More. I am a happily married TG and enjoy keeping an eye on the world of creative transgender and gender-variant art: painting, sculpture, photography, music and more.”
  • blog — “Welcome to the safe2pee blog. If you have any questions, please email us at info at safe2pee dot org or visit our primary site at Thanks”
  • Claire De Lunacy — “I’m a 30-something Hispanic transwoman (read as: MtF Transsexual) living in Ohio. That’s right, Ohio. I’m into art, poetry and prose. I’m a published poet, would-be novelist, and harried artist just trying to make it through in this crazy world.”
  • Bad Moon Rising — “I identify as neutrois male and tend to swing between those extremes. For the record, I am trans. Sometimes I feel more male, other days I feel more neutrois. I don’t know if that makes me gender fluid or bigendered or genderqueer. *shrugs* The pronouns I use alternate or flow between male and gender-neutral. I don’t have a preferred set of gender-neutral pronouns.”
  • Sugar & Medicine — “I’ve been blogging away since Jan ‘09. A while back, another blogger exchanged links with me and thanks to her description, I found a way to tag my blog: trans activism, pop culture, lesbian feminism, and transfeminism. About Me:  I have two boys in highschool, and live a simple life in a small town,  filled with the joy & sadness of any conscious being. As for my relevance to this blog: I help educate with Trans101 presentations locally through Trans Connect, and also published a bi-weekly alternative broadsheet here for 6 years.”
  • Jaye’s Trans Blog — “Jaye Schmus. Not so random thoughts of one transwoman as she struggles to find a point.”
  • Organization Intersex International Aotearoa New Zealand — “The Organization Intersex International (Organisation Internationale des Intersexués) is the worlds largest grassroots resource for individuals born with variations in sex development. OII-NZ is an independant affiliate of a global organization that reaches to members on every continent in ten languages.”
  • Tranifesto — “Tranifesto is dedicated to providing information on gender diversity and transgender issues to trans and questioning individuals, and their family, friends, and loved ones, as well as professionals and others interested in gender issues–with a little or a lot of my opinions thrown in for good measure. I’m Matt Kailey. Welcome to Tranifesto. Put your preconceived notions on hold and take a journey into the world of gender diversity. It’s not scary.”
  • Gender Identity Disorder Reform — “GID Reform Advocates are medical professionals, caregivers, scholars, researchers, students, human rights advocates, and members of the transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay communities and their allies who advocate reform of the psychiatric classification of gender diversity as mental disorder.”
  • The Transsexual Diaries — “I’m going through the process of transitioning from male to female, and it’s my hope to post entries here about my experiences. This is my way of making my voice be heard, and bringing attention to the issues that transgendered people face every day. In short, this a brutally honest, uncensored diary of my experiences dealing with being transsexual. My name is Sage, and I’m a pre-op (pre-operative) MtF (male to female) transsexual. I’m from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Virginia. I have many interests as you can tell. To keep it short I’m an original, sarcastic, philosophical, intellectual, assertive, artistic, creepy, and sometimes overly dramatic person. I’m open minded, and always willing to make new, interesting friends.”
  • Shadows of a Dream — “I’m a transgender person. Just another human being,trying to live to the best of my ability. These blogs I hope reflect that. One is mainly a record of my times out. The other is about some things that affect my life along with some music and some of my own drawings,”
  • Gender DiverCity — “What is this you are doing? I am photographing people and their words. More specifically, I ask people to write about their feelings around gender and their own gender identity or presentation on a piece of plastic, and then I photograph them with it. Why are you doing this?  Gender DiverCity is a photo project through which I am attempting to show the diversity of gender presentation and identity among humans, and their own words about that gender presentation or identity. I have noticed that sometimes people see us through our words, sometimes people see us despite our words, sometimes our words are ignored, and sometimes our words change how others perceive us. For this reason, I ask participants to write some of their own words down on plastic which is included in the photo shoot.”
  • (unlinked by request) — “I am a post-op transsexual woman of a few years. I am happy with my life and try to enjoy it as much as possible. I have friends and family just like anyone else and live quite an ordinary life. From a very early age I knew there was something wrong in issues regarding my gender and it took many years of soul searching and denial before I came to the realisation that I had to correct the body I was born with. That I did in 2002.” [Edit: The person who had this blog asked me not to link to it from this list. Hopefully she won’t mind my keeping the description.]
  • Haunted Timber — “I am queer in another sense of the word: I am a trans woman. I did not grow up as a girl. I was labeled as a boy at birth and I spent my childhood trying to believe that I was a boy. At some point during my childhood, the whole boy thing became a bit cumbersome. So, when I hit 17, I decided that I would never identify as a man. I did, in fact, start to think of myself as a woman… in spite of hauling around a rather ill-fitting male body. Being a woman while inhabiting a male body gets to be pretty tiring, so I started my physical transition to female when I was 24. That was in 1993. A few years passed, and here we are. Yay!”
  • Maybe… Maybe not… ? — “Elizabeth; Ogden, UT, United States. I’m a transgendered girl just trying to get by. Right now, that means spending some time in Purgatory… who knew it was in Utah?”
  • gendermosaic — “Lori D. Thirty-something woman who writes, blogs, vlogs (that means video blogs), phlogs (takes lots of photographs and claims to be a photographer). I love playing guitar, keyboard, and sing.”
  • A Life about Transition | — “It is interesting to explore this side of myself and realize that perhaps I’ve been denying what I was truly desiring. For all my life I’ve always thought that women should be treated with respect and put on pedestials. Oddly enough, I didn’t view this for myself. Growing up as a tomboy, I never considered myself as a “woman” so to speak — at least not in the traditional sense.”
  • Battybattybats’ Cave of Rationality — “Battybattybats. I’m a crossdressing goth with chronic fatigue syndrome and an optimistic way of looking at the world.”
  • National Center for Transgender Equality: Home — “The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is a 501(c)3 social justice organization dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration and empowerment. NCTE was founded in 2003 by transgender activists who saw the urgent need for a consistent voice in Washington DC for transgender people. ”
  • Kelly’s So Called Life — “Finally admitting to myself that I was trans was a big deal, coming out to my family and friends was even bigger and just as scary. […] While it didn’t quite turn out like I had hoped, [FFS] was still a very big step in my transition from Greg to Kelly. Plus, it really, really, really hurt. What I Hope To Achieve During The Next Decade: […] Getting the right body parts- I live my life as female in every possible way but I can’t help but feel incomplete having what I do between my legs. Be gone already. It would be nice to meet someone who isn’t totally repulsed by who I am or what I look like. Girl or boy, doesn’t matter.”
  • THE D LINE — “A bridge to undrstanding transgender and gender variant people of the world. genevieve; Brooklyn, New York, United States. There are many facets to my life. I am multigendered, a writer, lover of the theater, Poe, green tea afficionado, and seeker of knowledge. I love people who are outside the box. I seek to embrace you with love and acceptance. ”
  • The Institute for Welcoming Resources — Transgender Resources — “Towards a Welcoming and Inclusive Church: transACTION – A Transgender Curriculum For Churches and Religious Institutions. New transgender education resource for churches from the Institute for Welcoming Resources.”
  • Lesbian Dad — “les•bi•an dad: n, neologism 1. a. A lesbian or genderqueer parent who feels that traditionally female titles (i.e., “mother”) don’t quite fit, and who is willing to appropriate and redefine existing male ones (i.e., “father”): She was a tomboy when she was a kid, so it’s not surprising she’s a lesbian dad as a parent. b. Often a non-biological parent in a lesbian family, whose role relative to the child in many ways resembles that of fathers.”
  • Denise’s Boring Blog — “41, London Girl with well… a semi interesting life… sorta day to day fun with the odd hiccup or two… but hey thats life innit… In this blog you will always get it straight and with the truth… and the truth hurts sometimes…”, blog by Denise Anderson, who also has a website that has various resources, info from surgery in Thailand, etc.
  • Crossing The Floor — “Jenny Harvey. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. I’m 40/41 years old. I work for the NHS and I’m Branch Secretary in the greatest Trade Union in Great Britain, UNISON. I live in the Premiership (valid for 1 year) city of Stoke-on-Trent. I am recently divorced. BECOMING JEN or How Not To Transition: My story as recounted across this blog in a rambling, but thankfully spell checked fashion.”
  • Amber’s transition — “Amber’s Transition. Just a middle aged girl starting over in if.” (also blogs at Amber’s Amusements).
  • LGBT Latest Science — “All the gay science that’s fit to print. Geekgirl is a straight ally, a molecular biologist, a believer in pure, peer reviewed science. She also has many LGBT friends. ”
  • Christy Dancer’s Blog — “Just to help you catch up, I’m transitioning full-time now.”
  • Callan — “The Loneliness of a Long-Lost Tranny”
  • Stop Transphobia — “This site has been developed to aid the fight against transphobia in the UK.  The only blog I could find dedicated to tackling transphobia had a strong US bias: stories relating to the UK were dropping through the cracks.  During 2008 the need for a UK focused blog has become even more apparent.  Over the summer, the Stop Transphobia At Pride campaign was formed in response to stewards at London Pride preventing trans people from using toilets appropriate to their gender.  Later in 2008, many trans people questioned whether it was appropriate for Stonewall to nominate Julie Bindell as Journalist of the Year given the nature of some of her comments on transpeople over the years.”
  • The Cracked Crystal Ball II — “Collected ramblings of a deranged mind. Much of what’s in this blog will be political, speculative and generally annoying. The idea is to put out some ideas that emerge from paying attention to the news in Canada, the US and around the world. Pretty much anything will be fair game, and little will be held sacred.” (Has several interesting essays on relevant gender topics.)
  • The UK Angels – Transgender Help and Support — “Supporting the Transgendered Community. ”
  • A Gender Queer View — “A Proud Pansexual Panamorus Gender Queer Married Androgyne and Trans-Woman. Natasha Yar-Routh. A married gender queer trans-woman, I live in the California mountains north of Los Angeles. ”
  • Breaking Free Of The Bud — “The everyday tale of a late twenties T-Girl, who having found herself, is now progressing into the next stage of the TG journey. I am a 27 year old T-Girl hailing from Derbyshire. I am out and proud and, after what has been a long period of self-discovery, I’m heading towards going full-time.”
  • Becky Allison — “I’m Becky Allison, and I’ve published the “” website, in one form or another, since 1996.  My intention was, and is, to provide support and information for a very special group of people.  People Like Me, you might say.”
  • Southern Crossdressing — “Cassidy Brynn.   Southern Mid-Atlantic, United States.  All things arts. All things cultural. All things transgendered. Women’s fashion, costume jewelry, fun. Interested in meeting t-girls from the area for tea and conversation, if possible. Hello? Is there anyone out there? Lol Not interested in meeting for adult pleasures, mind you, I’m taken. Non T interests include guitar, music, painting, arts, family, cooking, film, and outdoor activities (what can I say, I like running around barefoot).”, “One thing I’ve noticed is my language for describing how I view myself has evolved. Years ago I was just a crossdresser, a weekend drag queen. Now I’m trans, or even transsexual.”
  • Ping Your Spaceman — “A student, a geek, an activist, a born-and-raised Southerner, a nonsectarian Zen Buddhist, a big-city person by compulsion, identified as genderqueer with plans to transition and a femme masculine presentation. I am easily amused and given to creating a great matrix of thoughts to connect all of my varied interests. Bad movies, bad fiction, badly written erotica, sequential art, and tokusatsu shows are my amusements.”
  • TYFA – Serving Transgender youth and their families — “TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators, service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. We envision a society free of suicide and violence in which ALL children are respected and celebrated. ”
  • Just Another View — “[This blog] actually started out of the idea to tell weird ideas and stories with no particular value to anyone but the longer this blog exists the more I turned towards LGBT-topics and gender studies. However, I’m not a typical transsexual activist – I’m just too much of a cynic for that. Still it is a subject I discuss a lot for it happens to be part of my everyday life – at least I guess so because right now I’m wearing a shirt with a transgender logo. But still I sometimes end up with some stories from my everyday life or weird theories about life in general for even the whole trans-stuff can get boring from time to time. So, if you want to read just another boring blog feel free – I won’t keep you away. And if you want to talk to me just ask – I’ll answer.”
  • Interfaith Coalition for Transgender Equality — “Advocacy and Education Throughout Communities of Faith.”
  • The Stranger — “Born 1977 in Norway and have mostly stayed here since. I’m a writer whith one collection of poems on my record, and I’m a transsexual man in middle of transition (FtM). My book of poems is named “Framandkar”, and means Stranger. In Norwegian it’s gendered male. The book is a collection of poems about transitioning from female to male and are mostly based on my own experience. I write erotic short stories and some articles, as well as poems.”
  • Traningrad — “Elly’s english-speaking weblog about feminism, trans issues and things that go through her head when she’s not too lazy. ”
  • Gorgon Queen — “But I’ve noticed recently that there is a critical mass forming of really incisive, deeply thoughtful trans thinkers who are finally beginning to push back against the tide of stupidity that forever threatens to drown us – people with far more vision than self-regard who show evidence of thinking clearly… a precious and rare commodity in the trans ’sphere, I find.”
  • Light a Candle for Angie Zapata — “Angie Zapata was brutally murdered in Greeley, Colorado in July 2008. Angie was a transgender woman and she was murdered because of anti-transgender bias. ”
  • TransProviser — “Lorelei Erisis is a Professional TransWoman, Second City Trained Improviser, Performer and Filmmaker. She is also an Ordained Minister, DJ, Lifestyle Activist, Writer and Adventurer. She has been an old fashioned, punk rock soda jerk in Harvard Square; a Cage Dancer in Boston; a singing (badly), dancing (even worse), wacky waitress at a theme diner in Chicago; designed a notebook that she sold to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC; been a Dominatrix’s assistant; as well as the Showroom Manager at the historic Hollywood Improv.”
  • cuteboyishlesbiangirls — “A Photo / Fetish Blog, of Sorts – LBGTQ Proud.”
  • Diana Richards — “Diana Richards.  NW UK, United Kingdom.  trans blogger mostly harmless doubtless deluded”
  • xoros — “So, I’m a trans woman, an architect and virtual world environment designer, feminist, lesbian, romantic, slightly geeky and a list maker. I love learning, I aspire to have a sense of wonder about the universe and life. Reading is an important part of my being, whether fiction or non fiction I can devour a book, although I have a particular love of fantasy and science fiction – as well as trashy detective novels. Oh and I’m moderately… ok pretty geeky when it comes to computers and the internet. I’m also a British expat living on the continent, I love how learning other languages makes me appreciate and understand my own more deeply.”
  • Today You Are You – My Transgender Child & My Destiny — “When my 4 year old told me he was a girl inside, I said “Be who you are.” With our love and support she socially transitioned a couple years later and is living authentically for the first time. Some days I feel like I am shouting from the rooftops, calling out for help into the night. At times the role of parent and advocate is a lonely one, but I cling to the fact that we are not alone. Once I began this blog I learned that we are part of a loving and supportive community of people that have reached out from across the planet to share their stories and lives with me. I will be forever grateful for all of your love, support and collaboration. ”
  • my CD life — “My name is Gabrielle Hermosa. I’m a crossdresser, media artist, husband, part-time blogger and psychology enthusiast. I write about crossdressing, my personal life, and mix it up with fun and humor. It is time we got out of the 1950’s when it comes to transgendered issues. ”
  • The Unbridled Joy of Flight — “This blog is where I will describe my journey to physical womanhood.  I had wanted to start this much earlier, but never took the time given other priorities.  As such, for now it will start in the middle- my anatomical completion starting with pre-op prep beginning on Sept 30 and continuing for a few months past my surgical date on oct 7.  Over time, I will fill in the beginning, and then those interested in traveling the journey with me to the end will be able to do so.  My goal is to keep my “trans issues” here and off other venues, so that folks who are interested can follow along and those who just want to be my friend without the “gory details” can have that option.”
  • GenderEvolve – Transgender Transformation — “We are transgender and genetic women from all walks of life, together on a mission to bring positive change to the way transgenderism is viewed by society. We strive to reflect positively on ourselves, our sisters, and transgender community at large”
  • flooring and whoring — “Doing sex work as a genderqueer IDed, female-assigned-at-birth person is a bit of a mindfuck, in addtion to the work beng a mindfuck in and of itself. I’ve met a handful of other genderqueer/vagina possessng people but not talked about it much, and have an easier time just not even tryng to assign theories. I don’t feel particularly gendered most of the time, and go through occasional phases of gender dysphoria in whch it feels like i’d like nothing more than to transition hormonally. I often talk myself out of this w1th the rationalization that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore […].”
  • Being Julia — “Or to put it another way, I’m Julia . . . sometimes. I’m a T-Girl – a fella who loves to wear dresses . . . and skirts . . . and stockings . . . and heels . . . and . . . . . . . . I live in England with my wonderful partner Dee, who knows the score and stands by me (although not exactly with me . . . she hasn’t met Julia). I’m a father and a writer and a reader and a musician and a football fan. I’m a lover, not a fighter (or a dancer). I’m a 60s child. I hope I never grow up. I’m a man in touch with his feminine side, but I’m not a man trapped in a woman’s body. I was born male and I’ll die male . . . I just make the odd excursion as Lady Julia.”
  • Women Born Transsexual — “Women Born Transsexual or WBT is for people who recognize transsexualism, sometimes called HBS or Harry Benjamin Syndrome as an innate condition rather than a gender identity disorder. We view transsexualism as a medical condition we were treated for rather than as an identity.  We tend to not consider ourselves transgender although many of us are quite willing to work with transgender people in achieving common goals.  We are not willing to allow our unique history and life experiences to be erased or swallowed up by the transgender paradigm. Many but not all of us do not see ourselves as being part of transgender.  This is neither elitist nor hostile and a great deal of misunderstanding could be alleviated by simply saying transsexual and transgender when describing people who are now erased when transgender is used as  a universal and collective descriptive noun.”
  • Walking With Integrity — “Since 1974, IntegrityUSA  has been a faithful witness of God’s inclusive love to the Episcopal Church and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We are working for the full inclusion of all the baptized in all the sacraments.”
  • Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project — “The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project’s (TGIJP) mission is to challenge and end the human rights abuses committed against transgender, gender variant, genderqueer and people with intersex conditions in California prisons and beyond.”
  • Becoming Ella — “I am, at heart, a normal girl. Unfortunately, for one reason or the other, I didn’t exactly turn out that way. I was born a guy, but not letting that put me off, I march on into my life with high expectations. I hope for changes in the future that will certainly make my life more enjoyable, but I know that I can’t put it all on hold until I have become the person I feel inside. I am trying my best to find myself a good job right now, but it is difficult. Anyway, you can read all this and more in my blog, so catch you later!”
  • feminism + fandom = attitude problem — “as a GQ person, I’m tempted to throw up my hands, say ‘fuck it all’, and go start a commune. […] I guess I’m just angry. I’m v. angry at the fuckups on the feminist side, but I’m also angry at certain prescriptivism on the trans* side.”
  • Gender and Life’s Paths — “ Here I offer some news, information, resources, opinions and POVs to hopefully help you learn more about gender expression and life situations. There are a variety of paths individuals discover that may contribute to positive life changes.”
  • Gender Variance in the Arts — By the same person that does A Gender Variant Who’s Who.
  • Just Jennifer — “Just Jennifer.  San Francisco, CA, United States. I am a woman who was born with a condition known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome (formerly known as transsexualism).”
  • g. — “I’m a queer femme Paisan pervert and sex worker with fairly radical politics, and a long history doing political organizing in queer and trans communities. Interests of mine include intersex, reproductive justice, sex worker, multi-cultural, cross-class, and disability activism; and using art, writing, performance, and social media as political tools. I’m also the founder and instructor of Sex Workers’ Writing Workshop. I’m also genderqueer, an ex-riot grrrl, a sex nerd, a fat girl, an urban cyclist who actually likes the challenge of biking up San Francisco’s hills, non-monogamous/slutty, a damn good cook, and slowly but surely reclaiming the weird witchy Catholicism my Ma & Nana raised me with. I like glitter, the colors fuchsia & hot pink, and leopard print. ”
  • Transgender Cartoon Gallery — “I am an artist-in-business here, at Revolutionize Your Gender and Homofactus Press. You can also follow me at my personal blog, Reconno(trans)Man.”
  • GenderLines — “GenderLines is a collection of personal writings, opinions and observations around gender-variance, or transsexuality, or transgenderism if you will, mixed in with more technical investigations into what causes people to be gender variant, how widely they occur, the processes one follows to transition, etc. Genderlines will also touch on the topics of intersex, same-sex attraction and other issues on occasion, as I feel there are quite convincing arguments to show that they are all closely related. I am transsexual myself, currently transitioning from male to female, and in many ways this is my attempt to understand myself. The “why” of things has always been important to me, and I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time reading about life instead of living it. Oh well, at least my digging has given me a better idea of why I was born this way, of how it has shaped my life and affected that of people close to me, and in sharing what I’ve learned, I hope you will derive some of that same benefit.”
  • Kellie’s Views — “Kellie’s random thoughts and comments about being transgendered, living in hell, transitioning, dealing with ignorance, family issues, financial issues, doctors, and etc. I am an artist, a dreamer, a lover, a computer geek, and I am a male to female trans-women. I have only recently been able to say that. I am happily married with one adorable child. (Please don’t try and hook up with me, I’m not interested in chasers or “fun”.) I have lived in denial and shame for most of my life but not any more. I am now at the point that I can feel some worth for myself. I am now looking forward to my journey of becoming the person I was born to be.”
  • Abi Christopher — “The life of a woman from Milton Keynes. My name is Abi Christopher I am a 33 year old and I live in Milton Keynes. What is a transsexual person? A transsexual is a person who’s brain gender is not matched with their body gender. So I was born with male anatomy but my brains sex is that of a woman’s.”
  • The Marshmallowfication Blog — (No about text for me to copy and paste; on the trans spectrum the author is a trans woman, who has transitioned and is contemplating surgery. Plus lots of other life things. Video blogs too.)
  • Androgyne Online — Support/info site for Androgynes. “Androgyne (pronounced AN-dra-jine) is the term used to describe persons who are androgynous. Androgyny, first and foremost, is a state of mind, not just an attitude or fashion statement. The notion that only androgynous-looking people can be or are androgynous is a misconception. Androgynes can be said to have the gender identity of both a man and a woman — or neither. Some identify with both traditional genders, while others see their identity as more of a synthesis and consider themselves to be agendered, as in “other” or “none of the above.” Some androgynes go as far as to call themselves “gender outlaw” (a term popularized by Kate Bornstein).”
  • That’s What Ze Said — “This blog will focus on what I know best – Jewish genderqueer. It’s what I live, it’s what I love. Hopefully it will be informative but I’ve decided to focus more on my internal discussions than 101.”
  • TransMentors International Inc. — “TransMentors International is a non-profit organization which provides aid, support and assistance to Trans-identified individuals. We are committed to the health and well-being of all members of our diverse community. Accordingly, we dedicate ourselves to providing an array of information services, educational materials, advocacy training, as well as assistance with housing, health, faith, and employment needs.”
  • Walking in New Shoes — “~K~, New England. I’m 42 and finally trying to strip myself of the lie I was living and just worry about being myself. It’s been an up and down journey so far but I am much better for being true to myself …”, “One of the hardest things in transitioning in middle age is the direction we have to take. We set our goals to right ourselves, our bodies, our minds and our souls so that we can live in peace.”
  • trans and flow — “Sass Rogando Sasot. A transpinay activist and an advocate for the human rights of transgender people. An art project in progress. A leaping gazelle in the savanna of thought. A red cloud at sundown. An animated nomadic stardust who paints poems and occasional prose. An individual who hopes to connect with those who are still in touch with the magical. Every now and then she steals moments with her camera. This blog is a collection of her prose.”
  • — “37 year old trans*wife. Aspiring filmmaker, married (1/1/07), Mom of 2 grown ass kids”
  • Midwest GenderQueer — “Midwest GenderQueer,  commonly known as JAC Stringer, loves ridiculous little dogs. A Cincinnati, Ohio native, he has dedicated his activist career to bettering the Midwest for genderqueer and queer people. JAC currently serves as director of The GenderQueer Coalition, a radical activist organization for genderqueer and gender non-conforming advocacy, education, and wellness. JAC is also a trans-radical genderqueer stage performer, also known as the genderfuckingly fabulous euro-star JAC McFaggin’. JAC McFaggin’ has performed in queer and non-queer spaces across the country, both as a solo performer and as a co-managing member of the internationally recognized professional drag troupe The Black Mondays. JAC works as a lobbyist for the Advocates for Youth Ohio Council for Comprehensive Sex Education, he is a Lobby Team Leader for Lorain county, Ohio, and volunteers at his high school Alma mater Walnut Hills High School as a mentor to the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance.”
  • Zoe’s journal — “Moderator of lez_sex_tips, transfeminismuk, transmods and co-run london_transfem”
  • To A T — “Transformations Of & Reflections On A Life”, “How The Girl Decided That She Has To Be More Than Just Another Trannie; or, We Talk A Lot About Wanting To Be Just Another Woman While Refusing To Deal With The Rest Of The World.”
  • PodOmatic | Podcast – The Radicalguy — “A Transgender Talk show. A fun loving FtM transsexual with a good sense of humor and a HOT temper.”
  • Just Don’t Mention Indy — “May contain: ranting, raving, adolescent poetry (in moderation) and links to much better blogs. Oh yes – I study archaeology. It’s hard. This will be updated IN THE HOLIDAYS, because I’m currently crafting a life.” (trans man)
  • Transsexual and Transparent — “Pushing Boundaries: One Man’s Reality – Following the Experiences of a Transition from Female to Male.”
  • TRANScend GENDER — “This is a place where people can come together and post what’s on their mind. Where we can throw our thoughts into a blog where we can all view, review, and post comments. It’s also a place where we can share our own thoughts, and all of this without having to search or bookmark each other in 300 different places. Cross post from your own blog, 360 site, Myspace, or wherever. Contribute whenever you like. Comment whenever also. Do your thing, just do it with us!”
  • …a reconciliation…finding .me. — “A forty-one year old transsexual woman gradually coming to terms with .her.self. During the journey of reconciliation I thought it might be a good idea to express myself in a somewhat public way in order to test my ideas and thoughts with others. I hope to learn from the comments that I receive and perhaps avoid the mistakes and dead-ends that others, who have already been down this road, have experienced.”
  • Revolutionize Your Gender! — Gender Posters to Fuel Your Insurgencies — Posters representing genderqueer, anti-gender-binary perspective.
  • Paren-T — “Two women, friends who are thousands of miles apart. One’s a trans-parent, the other’s a parent with a transgender child. Let the madness, and the joy, of parenting begin.”
  • Living Transgender In American Society Today — “Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough; West Covina, California, United States. I am 54 years old at the time I edit this. I started life as a boy but I am a transitioned female now and quite happy. I love life now rather than loathing it. My career in electronics R&D died in the crashing of the Twin Towers and my old pseudo-man life ended in the wreckage of that career and a failed 14-year marriage. I am building a new and much more appropriate and fulfilling life now. Everywhere I go I seem to be able to make friends easily too, just by being open about who I am. July 24th 2006 began my full-time life as Eva-Genevieve Scarborough and I am so joyful that I am free and I am God’s girl now. Sounds, and is unusual but that and my love for Jesus Christ are at the heart of who I am.”
  • Smash the Cisarchy! — “Hello, my name is Ellie and I’m transgendered. This is my background: I was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and an American father.  In spite of this I look pretty white and the space I occupy in the world is adjusted accordingly.  My parents are hardly rich but I’ve never wanted for food or basic necessities.  They fostered a love for learning that continues to this day. These are a few of my labels: transgendered, lesbian, Asian-American, radical transfeminist, pacifist, atheist, Taiwanese-born, United States citizen, voter, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-intersex rights, anti-circumcision, anti-FGM, anti-IGM, and so on and so forth.”
  • Lynn’s Place — “Supporting our transgender brothers and sisters.”
  • Your Y Chromosome Ain’t Got Nothin On Me — “the gender musings of a 22 year old real boy”
  • Does my bum look big enough in this? — “Sorry to mess you about dear readers (I think there are all of 2?), I changed names and changed blogs. You can continue reading here”. [From the latter blog: I got confirmation of Gender Disphoria or Gender Identity Disorder from Dr Curtis at Transhealth on Friday, so on the Monday back at work I started the process of coming out at work.]
  • Stufftransmenlike — “First things first: while entries on this blog may seem unfair or mean spirited, they are meant as neither. I have been in and around “trans male space” for about seven years, and certain themes and problematic threads have made themselves apparent in their repetition.  Updates will be sporadic.   Currently, I am especially interested in the ways some trans men directly or indirectly harm trans women and thus will explore that thoroughly (or at least I hope I will!) in this blog.”
  • Being a teenage crossdresser — “Wearing a skirt has never been so difficult…”, “Hello, my name is Alice. I am an 18 year old student from England. I had gender dysphoria. This means i have a male body, but my mind is not sure which gender it should be. This is an important concept to grasp because the rest of my blog won’t make much sense unless you understand. I am not a transsexual, i don’t want to fully be a woman, yet. I am just confused about my gender. Ideally i would be androgynous, but society doesn’t allow for that at the moment. Because i class myself as more woman than man, i crossdress to a female mode. This suits me well and i enjoy it. I am out to all my friends and family and live about 50% of the time as a girl.”
  • There from Here — Old blog of Jennifer Finney Boylan (author of She’s Not There: a Life in Two Genders); newer one here.
  • VeronicaMoonlit’s inevitable blog — “I’m transgendered”. No about page.
  • Karol Cross – A fox of the first order! — “Hi, I’m Karol, a happy, confident, transgendered person from the North of England who’s now settled in London. I’ve been going out as Karol since about 2000, so I’m far from a newbie. And although I still enjoy catching up with my friends on the trannie scene, these days I tend to go to mainstream or fetish venues both in London and much further afield”
  • tspx newsblog: no, you shut up. — “This is a trans news blog, which is a pretty straightforward concept, right? Our perspective is: feminist. punk. do-it-yer-fuckinself. We are critical of a media neck-deep in transphobia, and invested in calling out patriarchal, sexist, racist, and otherwise oppressive perspectives on trans stuff, when trans stuff is in the news.”
  • Confessions of an Autogynephiliac — “I am Jack Molay and I am a man dreaming about having a female body. This is a phenomenon so strange, that it is rarely talked about. For those who are “autogynephiliacs”, however, the need to understand what it is all about is imperative. This is a place for exploring “the inner woman”.”
  • Proper Fucked — “Kink-positive biogrrl, erstwhile submissive, writer, photographer, music lover; blurring the lines of gender and sexuality with my trannyboi top, and having a ball doing so.”
  • The Disobedient Librarian — “An atheist, peace-loving, trans, progressive-anarchistic, green, head banging, lesbian librarian from upstate NY.”
  • Eclexia: — “Because geeky transgender socio-political ramblings are fun!”
  • In Between Naps — “A transgender person is just another human being trying to live in this world.”
  • The Serpent’s Wisdom — “Sabrina Qedesha, Watertown, Massachusetts, United States”. (No about page, but tales of transition can be found here amongst other things.)
  • Her Royal Whoreness — “I might have spoken about some of the similarities and connections between sex worker and trans experiences in this blog before. As someone partnered to a wonderful transman, he will often get clueless and offensive questions such as ‘so, what is in your pants, then?’ Whereas I’ll get the ‘so how old were you when you first started working/ had first sexual experience?’ or ‘do you use drugs or were you sexually abused?’ from random strangers.”
  • (trans)prose — “a body of work in progress”, “I’m maintaining a transition website, keeping it as informative and detailed as I can stand.   It will be constantly changing as I go through old journal entries and photos and add them in. Most of my transition page is about my medical transition: top surgery and testosterone.   I’m trying to include some entries about my social transition, and about the way my views about gender and bodies have changed.   A lot of those older entries are embarrassing, but I feel it’s important to include them here, at least for now. I’m also keeping a small blog about trans/genderqueer community politics, especially as they intersect with my experiences.”
  • Roanne’s Hug Central — “Hi there. I am a preop transsexual woman who has come out online only. I’m not ready to meet people in person but relish the opportunity to make online relationships and exchange ideas and support other girls like myself. I hope you’ll drop me a line or comment on my blog entries. ”
  • Z and the Universe — “One transgendered person’s view of her world. Such as it is. Zelda Rose, Dallas, TX, United States. I used to live in New Orleans, now I live in Dallas. Not a bad place, but there’s no river or seafood… I’m complicated, but not a bad person. Well, most of the time. ”
  • Common Teri’s Commentary — “The most unique thing about me is probably that I’m a person of male history who lives as a woman. I live with my wife and two kids near Yosemite National Park. My main interests are in making music and creating art. I am still looking for answers to difficult questions. If you think you have some answers I hope you’ll share them. I’ll be touching on topics that I find uncomfortable and may make you uncomfortable too. Some topics you may not like and may possibly anger you though that is not my intention. I hope to open a dialog here that addresses transgender concerns and a mutual respect for the different needs of those under this transgender umbrella.”
  • RadioFree Transburgh — “ I’m a Transwoman living in Pittsburgh. Podcasts and blog posts will encompass trans issues as well as anything else I find interesting.” (last post 2007)
  • Luis Droppings — “The personal journal and public scrapbook of a testosterone-fuelled TV fetishist skank and multi-media “method artist”…”, “Luis Drayton; London, United Kingdom. I’m a 33 year old multi-media artist; and if you haven’t already guessed, I’m transgendered.
  • My Halo — Home of “The Radical Trannies” (?).
  • Transgender Emergency Fund — “The Transgender Emergency Fund (TEF) was created to provide critical assistance to low-income transgender people. Through the fund’s intervention, transpeople have been able to avoid homelessness, maintain access to health care, and live with greater dignity and stability.”

And as I said before, although I didn’t do this for self promotion (really!), but since you’re here, remember that you can check out my blog too.

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  1. Ariel on

    I didn’t make the cut! And I just wrote to you. 🙂

    • Nebulous Persona on

      Well, I don’t have a time machine. This post was from January last year. And frankly, a lot of the blogs that actually interest me weren’t in the top two hundred, since I was doing a version of Google’s algorithm. Basically, you were in the top two hundred if a lot of people linked to you, but linkage doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.

      • Ariel on

        OMG, you’re right! Missed that completely. It had come up on my RSS feed (WordPress does that for posts that have been changed) and I saw January. That’ll teach me to look more closely. 😀

  2. […] is no exception, and their presence on the internet is felt strongly. There are hundreds and hundreds of Trans blogs, queer blogs, gay blogs, lesbian blogs and bisexual blogs. These blogs vary from […]

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