This is a blog from a mysterious woman somewhere out on the Internets.  My goal here is to explore some aspects of gender, feminism, and so on.  This blog focuses on the issues faced by transsexual women and on combating transphobia.  Honestly, there are quite a lot of blogs out their with similar content, and so I’m not at all sure that this one will be worth reading, but I figure it can’t hurt.

It probably helps to categorize me in various ways, so here goes.

  • I am Progressive / Liberal.
  • As a technical woman, I care a lot about women in STEMs fields.
  • I espouse a naturalistic worldview. (If I do have any superstitious or religious beliefs, I’m playing them close to my chest. But I am sufficiently steeped in Christian culture that, if I wanted to, I could probably pass as a liberal christian. I could probably pass as a new age hippie too, given a little time.)
  • I am a feminist, although I haven’t really had much involvement in the movement.
  • I went to graduate school, and now I have a job I like a lot.
  • I am white, but I try to be informed about race and educate other less educated white people about privilege, implicit bias, etc.
  • It’s fair to call me middle class.  (I may not show it as much as some people, since I tend to I dress down, which may make me seem less well off than I am.)
  • I am able bodied (modulo reproductive defecits).
  • I am in a long-term same-sex relationship.  You can call me a lesbian if you like, but my involvement in the lesbian community is pretty minimal.
  • I’ve never been consumed with lust for anyone (I’m more romantic than lustful, and probably not all that romantic if you ask my partner), so you could also call me asexual if you like, although my involvement in the asexual community is utterly nonexistent.
  • Day to day, I mostly seem to enjoy cissexual priviledge.  But I am not a cissexual woman. The deadly T-word applies, but in my daily life it does not feel like it defines me, and as a result I hate to apply it to myself. (You might say I have a low level of internalized transphobia. I might say that I transitioned a long time ago, and I got on with my life.)
  • I’m mostly pretty happy.

This blog is somewhat opposite to my life. Here, much of the content is about topics of relevance to people who have reason to care about the lives of transsexual women, whereas in my real life, I say no more than any other broad-minded person committed to social justice.

When I chose a handle for myself, I picked “Nebulous Persona” because I wanted to emphasize my anonymity; the description above could hopefully fit thousands of women out there in the world. But in reality, some people actually like seeing a conventional name, and can feel uncomfortable if they don’t have one. So, if you want to refer to me and emphasize my anonymity, you can call me “the woman who writes the Sugar and Slugs blog”, but if you really want a conventional name to visualize me, you can call me “Ellen”—it’s not my real name, but it fits well enough.

6 comments so far

  1. Lori D on

    Interesting reading so far. I’ve included your blog in the list at T-Central.

  2. […] About […]

  3. Suzan on

    I would appreciate it if you would up date the comment about http://WomenBornTranssexual.com

    I have completely disavowed any relationship between transsexualism and HBS.

    If anything my blog is politically left wing and feminist. I discourage name calling and have pushed for the usage of LGBT/T or LGBTT. I also use transsexual/transgender.

    Many of the proponents of HBS seem very classist as well as being part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

  4. Supa Rosa on

    Hey lovely nebulous progressive white liberal cis-passing christian-passing able bodied privileged lesbian: I’ve started a blog, and I referenced you in it because I really love reading your stuff, despite the above. 🙂 It’s here (read ‘Introductions’ first): http://suparosa.wordpress.com/.

  5. Cake Kidd on

    Dear mysterious woman/Ellen,
    thank you very much for all the work you have done here to provide information to others. I have a small website dealing with transsexual topics, too, and I would love to use some of the diagrams (Why Sex Differences Don’t Always Measure Up) you made to illustrate gender differences. Naturally, I’d give the source and a link back to your blog. Please let me know whether that’s okay?

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