One hundred trans-related blogs

As I said in one of my earlier posts, there is plenty of trans-related blogging going on out there.  I’ve been away from paying any real attention to the trans community, or lack thereof since I lost interest in it about a decade ago, so I felt that I needed to play catch up, and that meant trying to draw myself some kind of map.

If I had been aware of a good canonical authority, I might have turned to it, but as it was, I did things myself (had I known about it, I might have instead just looked at T-Central).  Anyway, I wrote a little perl code to do some web crawling through the blogosphere, finding trans blogs and calculating their pagerank (the algorithm is, after all, on wikipedia).  It was ugly, and it probably missed a number of blogs, but having compiled a list and ranked them, I took the top 100 and visited them. Below is a list of the blogs with my comments.  Being concise takes time and insight, so my descriptions of each blog aren’t good at all, and get both worse and longer as I went further down the list.

But it is what it is.  Not everything here resonated with me, but there is enough good stuff that I’m glad to have done the exercise.  My plan is to come back and revise this post if/when I have a better sense of what these blogs are about, but I won’t revise their rank.  That was the result of some fairly arbitrary computer code, and to change the order gives too much weight to something that is mostly meaningless.

  • Questioning Transphobia — This one came in top with good reason.  Awesome for trans-related news, thoughtful personal stories, a great set of Trans 101 links in the sidebar for people trying to understand, and a long blogroll of links to other trans-related blogs.
  • TransGriot — “News, opinions, commentary, history and a little creative writing from an African-American transwoman about the world around her.”
  • en|Gender — helen boyd’s journal of gender & trans issues
  • A.E.Brain — “Intermittent postings from Canberra, Australia on Software Development, Space, Politics, and Interesting URLs. And of course, Brains…”
  • Lori’s Revival — “Life at the Next Level.”
  • bird of paradox— “I’m an ordinary, boring, 50-something, white, middle-class transsexual woman; based in London”
  • NOBODY PASSES, darling — “Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, by mattilda bernstein sycamore.”
  • Taking Steps — She was nominated for Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade.
  • T-Central — A meta-blog of trans blogs.  Wow, there’s a lot there.  If I had known of this list before I began, I might not have bothered doing my own scan.
  • A Gender Variance Who’s Who — If you want to get a sense of the modern history of trans experience by knowing who the players were and are, this is a great place to start.
  • The Transadvocate — Trans Advocacy, trans blog hosting, etc..
  • Life Right Side Up — “A blog of ongoing discovery”
  • Trans Group Blog — “where a variety of voices from within the trans community gather to discuss issues, post news, and compile information”
  • nixwilliams — “dodging the gender binaries”
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance — Trans people get murdered for being trans.  The TDoR tries to highlight the issue.
  • The Candyfloss Girl — Diary of NickyB, a transsexual woman.
  • Monster’s Creed — “Drakyn Kristopher is a twenty-one year old geeky white guy. I enjoy reading, watching anime, and role-playing. I am also transsexual, pagan, queer, and rather flaming.”
  • The View From (Ab)Normal Heights — autumn sandeen’s blog at transadvocate
  • Dented Blue Mercedes — “Mercedes Allen is a professional graphic designer, writer and bisexual transsexual in a lesbian relationship. She has done advocacy related to Trans, LGB, Native, HIV, BDSM, sex work and Intersex. Located in Southern Alberta, Canada, she started as a network to help foster and support trans communities within Alberta, as well as to provide information and training where requested.”
  • Genderbitch: Words of a Trans Girl — What it says; a little angry, but pretty dead on on some topics.
  • Tiger Beatdown › Ladybusiness — “Tiger Beatdown is a blog. It covers lady business, mostly? However, it also covers many equally important issues, such as race, class, sexuality, transness, and bad movies.”
  • Transgender Workplace Diversity — “The Law, Politics and Policy Issues of Transgender Workplace Diversity”
  • Intersex News — What it says.
  • Welcome To — “I am, in general, a pain in the ass. I have a particular way of approaching things and its markedly different from what you might expect to see on other trans related blogs.  I tend to tilt at windmills, you see — the sacred cows and ivory towers of ideals and positioning, the cognitive dissonance that we hide behind to make ourselves feel better.”
  • Transsexual Road Map —A massive resource site mostly directed at trans people and their allies. Pretty well known.
  • Whipping Girl — Julia Serano’s personal journal, “the blog with the trans feminine touch!.”  (Julia Serano’s book Whipping Girl is probably one of the most important pieces of feminist thought about transsexual women in recent years.)
  • Taking Up Too Much Space — Home of the cis privilege checklist, amounts other things
  • Trans-Ponder | Transgender Life in the Trenches — “Transponder is a show for those considering, beginning, or in the process of gender transition, and for those who wish to learn more about us, or lend support to the community. Our show shares experiences and insights on transition with a positive look at the community.”
  • planetransgender — “A place for everyone. No exceptions.”
  • Biodiverse Resistance —About shiva, “Variously identified as autistic, neurodiverse, genderqueer, libertarian, anarchist, anti-psychiatrist, disability rights activist, (trans)feminist, environmentalist and general resister of commonly held assumptions. Interested in many very obscure things, some of which this blog is about. Incredibly difficult to describe accurately…”
  • Life, Law, Gender — “Denise’s musings about life in law school, transgender issues, and other odds and ends”
  • Living My Life — “In cultures where gender is rigidly bi-polar, rituals of gender crossing remind us of our continuous common humanity”
  • Femulate — “the web pages of a male who emulates a female”
  • Scheherezade’s Sister — “Note, this blog is the personal blog of a crazy transsexual with a serious movie habit. I’m currently building a race of atomic supermen in my basement in order to conquer the world. Failing that, if they’ll serve drinks, it will be a success.”
  • Calie’s Chronicles — “On another personal note, I came to the realization this year that I am a woman.
  • Sarah, The Bringer of Tea —musings of a trans woman who made it to the other side four years ago
  • Aria Blue — “Most of what I write is directed at the misappropriation of the transsexual condition by “transgender” activists, who seek to use it to further their own ends. But there are other victims of the transgender paradigm that are just as problematic.”
  • Soon she’ll be home.. — “I find myself the same as I ever was, nothing different other than my wrapper. I am a 47 XXY Intersex with brown eyes and long brown hair, 5’7″, medium build.”
  • Trans Universe — A blog by Monica Helms.
  • No Designation — “No Designation is a blog focusing on the political issues of gender and sexual minority communities. This includes discussion of transgender rights and internal community dynamics, as well as discussion of lesbian, gay, bisexual movements, sex-positivity and sexual freedom movements, and the intersections these issues have with other identity politics concerns.”
  • YATGB (yet another t-girl blog) — “I’m a 30 something tranny from the UK. I live the quiet life (so don’t be expecting fireworks or hot babe pix). Beyond the messed up fashion sense, I like reading (mainly science fiction), the odd bit of writing and pondering life’s little turns.”
  • Nexy —Nexy’s blog at transadvocate
  • PinayTG — “This is the online journal of Naomi Fontanos, a Filipina (Pinay for short) transgender (TG for short). As a proud advocate of the human rights of transpeople, she dreams of a gender-blind world. This blog is her contribution to that dream.”
  • Sugarbutch Chronicles — “I’m Sinclair Sexsmith, a chivalrous kinky queer butch top, feminist, gender theorist, sex educator, activist, and writer in New York City. I’ve had writing projects online since 1996.”
  • Pink Thoughts — “Chloe Prince’s journey of femininity and self discoveries from man to womanhood. Hello, my name is Chloe and I’m special, VERY special… I was born a 47 XXy Intersexed person. Raised as a male and lived that way until I was 32 years old. I am now transitioning my gender presentation to live life as the woman I’ve always felt to be. As of May 2008, I have surgically under gone GRS, FFS and Augmentation from Dr. Suporn in Chonburi Thailand. If you don’t know what that means, READ ON! Please Note: This journal discusses topics related to Transgendered issues.”
  • Chrissie’s Place — “Being the mostly mundane musings of a middle-aged TS on her path to…wherever. Middle-aged M-t-F transsexual, hopelessly romantic Goth Girl.”
  • The Second Awakening — “Feminist. Trans. Infuriated.”
  • Radical Masculinity: Masculinity and Feminism — “A blog for the discussion of the issues of masculine-identified folk, regardless of their gender or sex. An explicitly feminist, anti-oppression, sex positive space that aims to be a safe space for all people who are oppressed by the dominant isms of the day.”
  • Gender Education and Advocacy – — “Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society. We seek to educate and advocate, not only for ourselves and others like us, but for all human beings who suffer from gender-based oppression in all of its many forms. We also are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Georgia.”
  • Trans Political — Another trans-related blog.
  • MTPC — “Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition”
  • becoming Zoë — “A woman with Harry Benjamin Syndrome who has begun healing through Aikido, spiritual practice and transition. Always a work in progress”
  • Women Born Transsexual — “Women Born Transsexual or WBT is for people who recognize transsexualism, sometimes called HBS or Harry Benjamin Syndrome as an innate condition rather than a gender identity disorder.”
  • Bash Back! News — “BB! News has been launched in an effort to collect stories and disseminate information to radical Trannies and Queers throughout the US and beyond.  BB! News is not limited to Bash Back! chapters. Any and all radical trans/queer folk are welcome to use this site to plug actions/events, reportback, distribute propaganda, release manifestos and communiques, etc.”
  • TransEquality Blog — “The National Center for Transgender Equality is a 501(c)3 social justice organization dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration and empowerment.”
  • Life Journeys — “Gender Journeys by Radha Smith”
  • Michelle’s Reality — “I’ve known something was different all my life. Being transgender as a kid I found ways to express myself through art and writing. I always liked to write poems and draw. I found that I liked the freedom that charcoal gave me and I loved to do portraits. I’ve done some oils, but I’ve mostly used acrylic for painting.”
  • Gender Across Borders — “Gender Across Borders (GAB) is an international feminist community where issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class are discussed and critically examined. We embrace people of all backgrounds to come together to voice and progress positive gender relations worldwide.”
  • Riding the Second Wave — “horizontal-eco feminist thoughts for a new feminist model”, “As I have tried in the past, I’ve refocused this blog towards Feminist issues. I’ve been criticized for that by some HBS advocates and Feminism itself attacked in the process.” (catkisser is a woman born intersexed)
  • genderkid — “Thoughts on gender by a queer Argentinian trans boy. This blog is meant to be a place where I can think freely about gender, observe how it works and how it’s constructed in everyday life. It’s more about questions than it is about answers; whatever answers I do happen to post are probably tentative and subject to change. It’s also a personal blog inasmuch as gender is a very personal thing. I don’t mean to rant –too much– about my daily life; but I will post whatever I discover when I carry my explorations into the real world.”
  • Rebecca’s Thoughts — “I’m a 39 yr-old woman, searching for love and new purpose in life.” (includes prominent video “My GRS Experience”).
  • Catspaw — “Lucy, Merseyside, United Kingdom. My feminism isn’t fun, but I may find yours funny. A transdyke feminist and LGBT activist at university.”
  • Penny’s Story — “Just a cute little drummer living her dream. I was born with the wrong (intersexed) body.”
  • The Girl Who Should Know Better — “I am Lucy. Welcome to the travails of a transgendered girl from the west country, along with my witterings and on-line journal. This blog is a mixture of random thoughts, sometimes shallow, often cathartic, occasionally deep, mainly in digestible bite-sized chunks.”
  • Coffee and Gender — “Mik Danger, Brooklyn, NY, United States. Coffee and Gender is my attempt at adding to the voices of feminist anti-racist white transmen. This blog discusses my personal life as well as important questions of disability, feminism, anti-racism, and LGBT politics.”
  • Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome-NZ — “Joanne Proctor: Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome”
  • Burning Words — “perspectives on stuff from an angry feminist”, “As a trans woman, so much of my life, and my own history, has and is defined by the influence the medical establishment has over that life. I am forced to rely on cis-appointed experts on whose say the medical treatments that have allowed me to get this far are dealt out.”
  • Out of My Mind — “Chronicling a T-life at the Speed of Write. My struggles with my gender of birth have yet to be sorted out, but I have people in my life who are actively pushing me to conform to the majority.”
  • Memoirs of a Genderqueer Femme Anarchist — “I’m a fierce fat trans/genderqueer femme with disabilities, anti-civ anarcha-feminist, and polyamorous slut.”
  • | Speaking the Language of Gender — “Over 400 programs of progressive trans-friendly talk. We’re the leading radio program advocating for transgender rights and dignity, while also exploring related issues that affect us all, like gender, sex, race, class, and more.  Our timeless programs — last recorded in 2006 — are just waiting for a chance to resonate with you today.”
  • Some notes on Living — “I run the blog try to educate for change. Maybe You’ll find some interesting stuff.  The contributors are gay, lesbian, transgendered, genderbenders,  transsexual or cisgendered; not a “personal diary” blog per se. Its primary purpose is “truth telling”,  for the sake of social and political change, consciousness raising , education.”
  • Sublimefemme Unbound — “ I’m a high femme queer theorist who appreciates dapper butches, classic pin-up girls, and a good Manhattan. When I’m not busy taking over the world, I write about style, politics, lesbian & queer genders, and the unadorned intensity of queer femininity.”
  • gudbuytjane — “another trans woman talking about stuff (I am guest posting at Questioning Transphobia this month). I am a very-nearly 40 year old white queer trans woman.  I transitioned wheneverago, and those many ensuing years have shaped my politics into the person I am now: feminist(?), anarchist, and activist.  I believe the struggle for trans rights is a subset of social justice activism, so I believe I should be active in causes that don’t directly benefit me and often directly challenge a privilege I have.  I don’t blame trans women who don’t, though, because honestly most activist communities are pretty racist, sexist, and transphobic.”
  • TRANScend GENDER — blog with a variety of contributors
  • Yuki’s Box Of Chocolates — “Yuki Choe, Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia. A woman born with an abnormal mutation between her thighs, caused by the gender identity of a person not matching hers or his sexual identity (Harry Benjamin Syndrome); stemming from psychological, biological or chromosomal circumstances (also known as Transsexualism).”
  • caprice’s glob — “I’m Caprice Bellefleur, a 61 year old retiree enjoying life in the Big Apple. I’m a mixed-gender male-bodied person. This makes me a transgender person, trans for short. If you call me a crossdresser, I won’t object, but crossdressing is just an activity I do to express part of my identity. This blog contains slices of the life of someone who crossdresses, but it’s not about crossdressing per se.”
  • transkitten — “Mots d’une femme transsexuelle. I’m a trans woman pretty far into her transition, living full time for quite some years. I still have a way to go on my path and much to do and learn beyond then. A Brit living in Germany after many years in France, I’m starting to become an expert in fighting my way through incomprehensible medical systems!”
  • TransEpiscopal — “Transgender Episcopalians and Friends United. TransEpiscopal is a group of transgender Episcopalians and our significant others, families, friends and allies dedicated to enriching our spiritual lives and to making the Episcopal Church a welcoming and empowering place that all of us truly can call our spiritual home”
  • Enough Non-Sense — “…a few years before my final transition…” (anti-trans umbrella, I think)
  • Reflected Wisdom Under Sonoran Skies — “Sonora Sage. New blog, new beginnings. Rediscovering myself in the desert. Here you can read about my life as I negotiate work, health, relationship and feline issues.”, “Just over a week ago, I did attend the TransForm Arizonaconference in Phoenix”
  • Tboy Jacky — “Just another FTM chronicle. I’m a 36 year old FTM (female-to-male transsexual). My exploration of gender and sex over the past few years has largely been enabled by other transfolk who’ve shared their experiences of transitioning and their thoughts. I wish to continue this tradition for a few reasons. First, writing helps me sort through things. Second, I can get a little lazy even though I love to write so having a potential audience will help motivate me. Finally, I want to give back what I’ve been given so if my experiences and thoughts can help anyone else figure themselves out, great! Sometimes reading stuff we agree or disagree with helps us sort through our own stuff. So happy reading!”
  • What a long strange trip it is! — “Something like a growth and progress diary that will include flashbacks and pointers to other relevant materials. Something like a “Stream of consciousness” with a moving target. This is as much about my growth and recovery as it is about sharing parts of myself with other people who may have been through similar things. No matter what you’ve been through, or where, or when, know that you are NOT alone! A unique, young, beautiful woman with a warm heart who also happens to be VERY old all a once. I have had to work hard over the years to find and embrace my authenticity, and make my life my own. I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence, a Widow, and I was born intersexed. I can readily understand, accept and relate to people dealing with their own journey to wholeness of being. Intersex and Transsexual people have a harder life in so many ways than we need to, but there are successes to, and I’m one of them.”
  • Girl From Mars — “The Occasional Journal of Helena Love: T something-or-other geek” (lots of outfit-oriented photos when I looked)
  • Being Amy – Diary of a Transsexual Woman — “I’m a pre-op transsexual woman living in Michigan. I live with my fiancee (a genetic woman), our three kids, two cats, three frogs, and assorted mice and rats. I want gender reassignment surgery, but am currently out of work. This blog will focus on my past and present, as well as hopes for the future…” (rather, um, revealing image-search photos, when I looked)
  • Dear Diaspora — “My name is S.L. Bond. I’m a Jewish dyke and an art student living in New Mexico. DD is my blog about gender and Judaism”
  • Lucy Melford — “Lucy Melford, Near Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom. I have recognised who I want to be. This is an intensely liberating thing. I have never been happier, nor enjoyed more personal control over what I am doing and where I intend to go. I am developing a new body, and have started to live as a new person. It’s a cliche to say ‘this is how I always wanted to be’ but that’s how it feels. Of course there is pain and great change and much to endure. But I wouldn’t turn back now even if I could mentally and emotionally survive, not for any inducement. Isn’t that strange? ”
  • The Becky Blog — “I’m Becky Allison, and I’ve published the “” website, in one form or another, since 1996.  My intention was, and is, to provide support and information for a very special group of people.  People Like Me, you might say.”
  • Mythcongeniality — “I tell stories, I do art, I write, I teach, I sing, and none of them nearly enough. I am transgendered, which may or may not mean something.”
  • GID Reform Weblog by Kelley Winters — “Kelley Winters, Ph.D. is a writer on issues of transgender medical policy, founder of GID Reform Advocates and an Advisory Board Member for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and TransYouth Family Advocates. She has presented papers on the psychiatric classification of gender diversity at the annual conventions of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Counseling Association and the Association of Women in Psychology”
  • Mr Toad’s Wild Transgendered Ride — “Suzanne Clayton. Essays on coming to terms with being a transgender woman.”
  • Debbie K Being True to my heART — “I’m Debbie. I am 40 something years old. I live my life for my family.I love life even though I have been through years of depression. I have taken lots of little steps & gradually faced my fears because I needed to. My brain is now almost in perfect harmony with my soul. I am traveling the right path. My true destiny. I can feel emotions & see again, both the beautiful & the simple things in life. I am very shy and sensitive; which makes my life quite a challenge. I used to be a ghost now I am just soooo happy to be alive. I am as honest as they come, but I have lived a lie for far too long. Put simply, I was born with the wrong body. I am a person – not a label. At last I am being true to myself, following my heart and soul. Thanks to the love and support of my dear Mum and Dad – and my special friends – I can finally be true to my heart! The peace and happiness I have been blessed with since my gender affirmation surgery is beyond my humble vocabulary and so much more than I ever dreamed possible. I am not a deeply religious person but I have found this an incredibly spiritual experience”
  • Jessicalive’s Weblog —“While my transition has completed, I continue on my healing path.”, “I live in Ottawa, Canada and used to be active in a number of organizations that purported to be trans-inclusive. As I move into the world I’m learning there is more to life than fighting with the past; I look to the future.”
  • K — “Here is a little about me. I am a happily married male to female transsexual. I have been on hormones since June of 2009 and have definitely noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I really dislike the term transsexual so I try not to use it but it is what it is, a label. I am out to most people in my life, friends, family, and co workers. I am not a selfish person by nature so this transition was hard to accept in the beginning stages, but I am glad I chose this path. This blog is a place for me to express myself, vent, and hopefully inspire others.”
  • Genderfork — genderqueer, unisex, & androgynous photos and thoughts — “ explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography and other neat stuff.”
  • Wandering Aloud — “I’m Donna (at least on-line) and I’m transgender – or genderqueer – or transsexual – or a crossdresser – I suppose it all depends on one’s point of view. All are correct, while none are wholly accurate in and of themselves. These constructs describe aspects of who I am – of my identity – but as with most people, they fail to capture the totality my identity. I have abandoned the idea that there is any one label or construct which can do justice to the complexity that is my being.”
  • Life, Law, Gender — “Denise’s musings about life in law school, transgender issues, and other odds and ends. A “non-traditional” Dec. 2006 grad from the University of Michigan; also a transsexual, lesbian activist.”
  • Simone’s Dirty Laundry — Yet another blog from a transition trans woman. “I’m an independent woman in So.Calif. with a huge appetite for life. I love free spirited people who love life, love to laugh, and who can appreciate someone as eccentric as myself.”
  • Gender Outlaw — “FTM Transition Journal. I’m just another Gender Outlaw, and this is my personal FTM transition journal. I write here anonymously, tracing the path of my journey to find my true self. I’m 35 years old, and live in rural British Columbia, Canada with my girlfriend of 13 years. I was diagnosed with GID when I was five, but I didn’t think of myself as transgender until October, 2007. In terms of my medical transition: I’m on T, have had top surgery plus a revision, and a hysterectomy.”
  • safe2pee – mapping gender neutral bathrooms, unisex restrooms, accessible toilets. bathrooms for everyone — What it says.
  • My journey of Transformation. Exact destination – Unknown ! — “Lisa. A Transgendered woman, married with 3 children. My wife children and parents are aware of my true self. I’m considering coming out to my Brother / sister. I’ve had laser hair removal all over my body. I’m also having electrolysis to remove the remaining facial hair. I’ve been out and about a few times and am gaining confidence.”
  • Calie’s T-Tunes — “I’m transgender. I love music. I was an alternative rock DJ for many years in several US cities. Put it all together and you get Calie’s T-Tunes! Over time, I will feature songs from the obscure to the mega-hits that were written around a TG theme. I am always looking for those lost album tracks. Please leave a comment if you have a song you would like featured.”
  • Science and Sexuality: The Biology of Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Intersexuality. — “The Biblical Adam and Eve story is BAD BIOLOGY! The binary sexual system is unnatural. Here you can learn the scientific story of sexuality from a physiologist’s perspective. What can science tell us about sexuality? How many sexes are there? What exactly is a female? A male? Is intersexuality natural? What is known about the biology of sexual identity? What is known about the biology of sexual orientation?”
  • The Girl Inside — “Dana Andra. A True Life Transgender Adventure. I’ve been writing this blog for over a year, and began transitioning at around the same time (Dec. 2008), when I switched out my male wardrobe for a female/androgynous wardrobe. I hope to be taking the next big step shortly, but I don’t want to jinx it.”
  • Crossdresser Heaven — “Crossdresser Heaven offers fashion, makeup mad body movement tips for crossdressers who want to look and feel more feminine.”, operated by Vanessa who is “a happily married 30 year old transgendered woman from Seattle. It’s been a long road to acceptance for her, despite the fact that she has been crossdressing for more than 25 years. Sometimes, when she looks in the mirror she longs to see the girl that lives within her. ”
  • Laugh RioT — “Just another Opinionated Tranny. My motivation for starting that blog was to discuss issues that I didn’t see being talked about on the sites I frequent. In particular dating as a trans women, trying to understand and also educate people who date/screw/lust over trans women. The second point of this blog is to talk about issues that are important to me as a trans woman. Politics, social movements, rants, other assorted stuff from a Trans-centered perspective. Third, is to talk about the things I love to do. I like comic books, role-playing games, video games, sci-fi and fantasy.”
  • Voyages en Rose — “Petra Belljambes Cross Dressing Diary. I am a Cross Dresser. I write about this. Surely there is more to it all than that, but here is where much of it is pondered on and prosed about.”
  • A Dahl’s House » Life, gender and the pursuit of happiness in heels — “A guy who’s also the girl next door. Lena’s thoughts on life, gender and the pursuit of happiness in heels. I’m one of the perhaps 1 in 20 American men who is a regular crossdresser—also known as transvestites. My nom de femme is Lean Dahlstrom and I’m “out in public” but not “out”.”
  • The Spectrum Cafe — Putting the T in LGBT News — Published by Dyssonance, who self-describes as “A vocal and often discordant voice in the trans movement, dyssonance is dedicated chiefly to empowerment for transfolk, and the reduction of poverty and harm in and against the community.”
  • Idle Thoughts, Furious Musings — “Welcome to the incoherent ramblings of a middle-aged tranny. Oh and some pictures too.  Is it any wonder that a boy goes all transvestite when he grows up watching stuff like this [Space Transvestites]?”
  • Leona’s Blog — A blog by the author of From Leonard to Leona: A Singapore Transsexual’s Journey to Womanhood.
  • Stillettos and Sneakers — “I’m a working actress and attempting to stay sane in Hollywood amongst the very young and the very thin.. I have a huge life that doesn’t nessesarily mean it’s any greater or bigger than anyone elses. I am a Transgendered, ex prostitute, recovering drug addict, and have been living with AIDS since the mid 80’s. I am the walrus, coo-coo-cu-choo. I blog like a crack addict. I love my wife and lifelong soulmate Chrisanne. Our lives are filled with fabulousness and normalcy. And lots of sequins.”
  • not THAT different — “Gender-queer stand-up comic, computer geek, writer, parent, partner and really cool person. [From 2007:] I have a spouse. We’ve been together for 37 years. I’ll be 59 in about a week. I’m a Texan. I swear. I’m bisexual. I’m a liberal independent.”
  • Ami Angelwings’ Super Cute Rants of DOOOM XD — “Ami Angelwings. 27 y/o (but I feel 15) Chinese-Canadian trans girl, feminist, comic fangirl, sexual violence survivor, recovering anorexic blogging about whatever comes to mind.”
  • Women’s Independence Fighters — “Resisting Political and Social Manipulation of Transsexual / Intersexed Conditions.” (Aggregates content from several bloggers.)
  • Shouting Down The Well — “The assorted ramblings and and confused writings of a man who thinks he should be a woman but wants to remain a husband and dad. Confused? Not compared to me you’re not….  Early Forties transgendered person who has recently ‘come out’ at home after really struggling with a recent dramatic increase in the intensity of my GID [Gender Identity Dysphoria]. Still fighting the inner confusion the condition brings and trying my best to remain a husband and dad to the best 2 kids and best wife in the world.”
  • Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State — “Hi. I’m Diana and this is my Blog. I am Transsexual and this Blog site is about being transgendered, so if that bothers you then please move on. But, if you want to learn more then stick around.”
  • Opopanox, Home of the Arrogant Worm — Personal blog of another trans person.
  • TransLate — “Transitioning from Male to Female after 40. Before I transitioned into a woman named Joyce, I was George Bailey, a professor at Bedford Falls University, in Bedford Falls, USA. I’m married to Mary Jo Bailey, who is also a professor at BFU and wonderfully understanding, smart, and supportive. We have two boys, Lane and Ezra and we have a quite normal family and a wonderful life with the exception that I’m a transsexual who is still in the midst of a great journey as I transition from male to female. We’re working through it all with the help of Chuck, my therapist.”
  • Trans Blog — “News and opinions about the transgender world, and about the trans aspects of my life.”
  • Laura’s Playground — “A Transsexual Transgender ed Crossdressers Support Site.” (If you like lots of animation on your web pages, uh, you’ll love this.)
  • Reconno (trans)Man — Blog of Jay Sennett, trans man and publisher of Self Organizing Men.
  • CASSANDRASPEAKS — “I have some very strong opinions on the subject of transsexuals and transsexuality. They are based on a lifetime of first living with the condition and the learning to conquor the effects that it can have on a life, limiting those effects to the very minimum. There is no doubt it can ruin your life, if you let it.  I make comments on the great multitude of forums out there. I’ve been expelled from a number of the more populous support forums for some of my more extreme comments. It seems some people cannot handle the truth.”
  • Pandora’s Hideaway — “Pandora Caitiff (Norfolk, UK), “Meddling kid” of the gender spectrum.”
  • genderqueer — “Images of gender-bending, trans and queer people of all sorts, meant to empower and celebrate the beauty within all gender expressions. The people portrayed here may not identify as genderqueer, but i hope they don’t mind appearing in this context. If you want a picture removed, by all means contact me. Have a picture you’d like to see here? Feel free to submit it.”
  • Anonymous T-Girl — “Just another woman certain of herself and trying to get by.”

(Yes, I absolutely need to edit some of those down, especially the longer ones.  Bad-copy-and-paste, NP.  Also, the count stands at well over one hundred now, because I’ve added a few more. I might even add even more since I have plenty more on my list.)

Remember, these aren’t my favorite blogs, they are the favorites of the trans community, as best as I could identify it with some hacked together code and a few starting points to seed the process.  Don’t ask me to add a blog to the list, but feel free to draw attention to cool trans-related blogs or talk about your favorites in the comments.

(Also, since you’re here looking for blogs, don’t forget that you can check out mine.)

35 comments so far

  1. Véronique on

    Thank you for the link! Since my blog is fairly high on your list, I guess I like your algorithm. 🙂 @Arizona_Abby on Twitter posted a link to this blog.

  2. Sonora Sage on

    Well, that was fascinating! Especially as my blog is on your list (I’m cis, and I think I only have one post concerning trans issues – the one you quote from that says I attended TransFormAZ). Still, as you say, this is “the favorites of the trans community” so I’ll take that as a good thing. 😀

    • Nebulous Persona on

      Glad you liked it! I can easily remove you from the list if you like. Basically, you got highly rated because you are linked to from and to blogs in my set which are fairly heavily (but not exclusively) trans oriented.

      I scanned through things pretty quickly. It’s actually fairly frustrating going through people’s blogs, because you find a lot of posts saying things like “today I watered the cat” and “we need rights for lgbt people”, and I’m like, okay, sure, but I’d still like to get the basic gist of who you are and where you’re coming from. Have an “about” page, people.

      • Sonora Sage on

        No, I’m happy to be on the list! I realized on reflection that I do have a handful of gender-related posts (including one called “Coming Out as Cis”!) and also have a high proportion of trans readers.

        Another tool which your algorithm reminded me of is Blogshares, which ranks blogs in terms of cross-linkage as well as categorizing them. lists 48 blogs in their transgender category and the top four are identical to your list.

  3. Quinnae Moongazer on

    It’s Q from Reddit, feel free to add my blog to the list if you wish, though I’m not sure how helpful my ‘About Me’ page will be. 😉

    The blog is focused primarily on issues affecting trans women and my perspective on them, along with more general political musings.

  4. Calie on

    Well, this is certainly a way to get Sugar and Slugs noticed!

    Very interesting blog.

    I very much respect your desire to remain stealth. Thanks for remembering your trans roots in your own stealth kind of way.

  5. Petra Bellejambes on

    Very nice piece of work. Delighted to find you here, as well as a few other blogs I will add to my occasional reading list.

    Best regards – Petra

  6. Caroline on

    Interesting list, though if you had not been in such a hurry you would have discovered that some of them have dried up and there are other interesting ones out there. Thanks for finding some which I have not come across. I started reading with trepidation, hoping that mine had not appeared because my aim had been to not wave flags at demented search engines and you have given me the relief of knowing that my ground hugging radar avoidance is working.

    • Nebulous Persona on

      I’m happy to remove anyone who doesn’t want their blog linked to. I don’t have any blogs listed that require login to access.

      It’s possible that your blog is further down on my list, and might get posted later, so not being listed now is no guarantee that your blog want get linked to in the future.

      Yes, there are absolutely some blogs on the list that are stale or dead, but people are still linking to them, quite often because even though they’re no longer being updated, the voices and viewpoints they expressed are still worth reading. For example, Monster’s Creed hasn’t been updated since April, 2009 and explicitly sais “This blog is dead.” in the about section, but has some really excellent Trans 101 linkage and a lot of thoughtful articles.

  7. Helen G on

    Thanks for linking

  8. Lucy Melford on

    I’m very surprised that I’m in the top 100 or so, because my blog isn’t exclusively devoted to traditional ‘trans’ subjects. It’s a pleasant surprise all the same. But I’m not going for the top position!


  9. Leslie Ann on

    Dang! I had arrived and no one told me. It might be a crude algorithm, but I can’t argue with much of what it dredged up. Very cool!

  10. Carolyn Ann on

    My apologies. I was wrong. Woefully so, as it happens.

    I let my rather intense dislike for one or two of the listed to color my view of the entire list. It’s actually an interesting exercise, and I would like to see the graph you got.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, and, again: my apologies.

    Carolyn Ann

  11. dyssonance on

    Fascinating find, and thanks for the link. I’ve bookmarked you for whenever I get around to doing my darn blogroll update.

    Probably this weekend…

  12. Helen Chapel on

    Any reason why my blog was not identified?


    • Nebulous Persona on

      There are a lot of blogs out there. Only one hundred can be in the first hundred, and there were certainly several that I like that didn’t make it into the above list (I actually already did closer to 125 so that people wouldn’t feel too bad about just missing the arbitrary boundary).

      Yours was in the top 250. Sometime, I may do “the next 125 blogs”, but it takes time to do a line saying what each one is about, so we’ll see…

      In the meantime, linking to your blog in the comments is just fine with me.

  13. Catching up! « on

    […] N   E   W   S I am also catching up on all your blogs too but haven’t got round to everyone yet. I will and will comment as soon as time allows. I have missed you all. I did notice on dear Calie’s blog that she cites a someone who has compiled a  ’Rating of 100 Transgender blogs’ you can link to see it either from Calie’s blog (well worth a visit as it’s a lovely blog) or link from this; […]

  14. I Wonder… « Enough Non-Sense on

    […] partly made when I recognized Enough Non-Sense had been linked last week to a blog post entitled One hundred trans related blogs.  There, in plain site, were the links to trans related blogs…a one stop shopping type of […]

  15. Helen Chapel on

    Thanks for the feedback I really do appreciate you taking the time and the quote from my blog included in these comments. I’m in the top 250 you say? well its better than the top 2,500! I guess it gives me something to aim at for the future and I accept my blog is only just 3 months old.

    Thank you once again and I will look out for the next revised listings with ego and tissues firmly in hand. 🙂
    Helen x

  16. […] got me thinking as she pointed out an article that highlighted the top 100  trans sites. She wasn’t in it but she was in the top 250, which I think is marvelous considering she has […]

  17. Gillian on

    My! Helen told me I was on this list. What a really nifty surprise! I’m also happy so see many of my friends on the list also. What a wonderful, diverse, talented, intelligent community we have!

  18. catkisser on

    I was quite surprised to find my own blog on this list if it’s among the top 100 favs of the “trans” community especially since I seem to be the Lady Voldemort of transdom, they avoid my name as if uttering it would invoke me to come forth and slay them…. Which explains why almost none of them spell my first name correctly when they do attempt to “out” the radicalbitch or catkisser.

    It’s a Welsh spelling variant so perhaps I actually fell through the rift at Cardiff.

    At any rate, interesting to find it on the list which perhaps indicates as my sisters have told me I really need to avoid future writing on trans anything and stick to feminism and ancient history, my passions.

  19. Yuki Choe on

    I never thought a trans woman from one of the smallest countries in the world would make your list. Thanks! 😮 )

  20. […] Another hundred trans-related blogs Posted January 31, 2010 Filed under: Uncategorized | So, in response to “popular demand” (such as it is), here is the next hundred or so trans-related blogs from the list I made when I first tried to gauge just what was going on in the blogosphere and beyond. (You can find more about my rationale and the first 100 here.) […]

  21. Samantha on

    Wow, I’m in the top 100? How completely unexpected! Pleasantly unexpected, but no less expected, especially given that I don’t often write about “trans” stuff. Honestly I started it sevenish years when I started transition. Thanks for the link Helen!

    To be honest I found you because of a link on my friend Gillian’s site. I thought I’d come over and take a look because of your name. Helen Chapel is/was one of my favorite characters from the TV show Wings from a while back. So I thought I’d stop in and say hey. I’m not into cross dressing, because I look terrible in men’s clothes. Curves in all the wrong places you know.

    I did however spend a goodly number of years forced into dressing like a boy by my Father. He was a bit daft and bound and determined to make a man of me. Okay, he was more than a bit daft, and he failed in his attempts to turn his oldest daughter into a boy.

    So, anyway, thought I’d say ‘ello and that I can sympathize with trying to lose weight. I am so totally my Mum’s daughter. I look like her in every conceivable way, right down to being at least 7 stones over weight.


  22. Samantha on

    Oh, and Lori (the wonderful woman who started T-Central) is utterly awesome too. She’s got her own blog where she writes from the heart. Actually, ironically I’m friends with many of the women who showed up in the top 100 list here and they are all awesome. In fact I just spent a day with Christianne who helped expose me to Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. Great fun. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve put together a top 100 to get yourself started. Me, I’ve been meeting people as they found their way to my blog, or I to theirs. Some seriously wonderful people in the world Helen. Anyway, welcome!

  23. 80,000 Pages « TransLate on

    […]… […]

  24. lcazga on

    Just wanted to say that I am very impressed and pleased that you took the time to put this list together. You’ll notice, if you visit my blog at that I’m rather new to this community and I’m the mother of a FTM teenage transgender so information like this is key to my research. I’ll be sure to follow along and while I would love to be “on a list” really I just want to be HERE. If one person reads my posts then I’m happy – so long as someone is. Peace and Love

  25. Jacky V. on

    Thanks for the link! I didn’t expect to be in the top 100 in any algorythme since I haven’t been maintaining Tboy Jacky very well. I only started blogging on it again yesterday, actually! But there have been many interesting discussions and I find that I still get a lot of traffic through search engine terms indicating some very common search terms used by guys just beginning the transition path. So apparently it’s still useful even though I don’t update it as much as I used to. Anyway, thanks for all your efforts! It’s a very interesting list!

  26. 100 Trans Blogs – en|Gender on

    […] and Slugs put together a list of 100 trans-related blogs; not all of them are primarily dedicated to trans issues, but still, this is pretty […]

  27. Stephanie Flettshock on

    You can add me if you want.
    Stephanie …Just Stephanie on blogger.

  28. caprice on

    Thanks for including my silly little blog.

  29. Kesla15 on

    heya, love the blog, i’ll post my link up for u if u want to check mine out:

    Take care

  30. Isabelle on

    The list is lacking some amazing blogs such as: Michellelianna, the Guerrilla Angel Report, Leftytgirl (Savannah), Purple Noize (Veronica), Transient, a transgender blog. Good to see there’re so many trans-related blogs that I didn’t know though.

  31. Isabelle on

    There’s also beautiful transadvocate trans woman of color Janet Mock “girlslikeus”. I love read about her, her interviews, etc.

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